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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Last of the late requests out the door...

The second half of the late college football requests went in the mailbox today, as well as one leftover NFL request (Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger). And by the way, one note on those NFL requests... I sent each player two index cards, but on each, I included their college team name and logo, not their NFL team. Why? Well, for one, NCAA autographs is what I do. And second, their NFL team may change; their college won't.

OK, so back to the college football requests. The following were sent out today and will wrap up the gridiron requests for the season:

Mario Manningham (WR, Michigan), Nate Longshore (QB, Cal), John Parker Wilson (QB, Alabama), Dennis Dixon (QB, Oregon), Ray Rice (RB, Rutgers), Robert Meachem (WR, Tennessee), Curtis Painter (QB, Purdue), Rhema McKnight (WR, Notre Dame), Jaison Williams (WR, Oregon), DeSean Jackson (WR, Cal), *Calvin Johnson (WR, Georgia Tech), *Adrian Peterson (RB, Oklahoma), *Troy Smith (QB, Ohio State), *Brady Quinn (QB, Notre Dame), *Jonathan Stewart (RB, Oregon), *John David Booty (QB, USC), *Kenny Irons (RB, Auburn), *Brian Brohm (QB, Louisville), *Marshawn Lynch (RB, Cal)

Those marked with a (*) were sent to players whom I had already contacted earlier this fall. I just felt these guys were worth the effort to give one more shot to before the season was complete.