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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Collection: Big XII and CUSA Football

We've looked at the collection of SEC, Big Ten, and PAC 10 football autographs. Now here's a look at two more leagues; all autographs are on 3"x5" index cards:

Bobby Purify (RB, Colorado), Quentin Griffin (RB, Oklahoma), Kliff Kingsbury (QB, Texas Tech), Dahrran Diedrick (RB, Nebraska), Andre Woolfolk (DB, Oklahoma), Antwone Savage (WR, Oklahoma), Ell Roberson (QB, Kansas State), Tatum Bell (RB, Oklahoma State), Jason White (QB, Oklahoma), Antonio Perkins (RB, Oklahoma), Selvin Young (RB, Texas), Sonny Cumbie (QB, Texas Tech), Joel Klatt (QB, Colorado), Lance Mitchell (LB, Oklahoma), Brad Smith (QB, Missouri), Eric Crouch (QB, Nebraska), Rockey Calmus (LB, Oklahoma).

Rod Davis (LB, Southern Miss), Byron Leftwich (QB, Marshall), Josh Davis (WR, Marshall), Stan Hill (QB, Marshall), DeAngelo Williams (RB, Memphis), Kevin Kolb (QB, Houston).