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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday success!

Akron QB Luke Getsy returned my autograph request in just nine days, becoming the second player to respond to my mid-season mailings made last week. As a reminder from yesterday's post, I'm including the updated stats below, but keep in mind that these are somewhat misleading simply because those requests sent last week have (for the most part) not had enough time to be returned just yet.

SENT: 131
% RECEIVED: 28.2%
AVG # OF DAYS: 25.7

...And one other note: I have eight of the twelve '06-'07 SEC hoops coaches autographs already in my collection from previous years, so I sent out for the additional four today. They were directed to Jeff Lebo (Auburn), Bruce Pearl (Tennessee), Andy Kennedy (Mississippi), and Tubby Smith (Kentucky).