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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Collection: Big East Football

Two quick notes to start things off:

(a) I sent out one additional autograph request today, to Louisville RB Michael Bush. He was somehow overlooked on my original list, but with his name now added, the total number of requests mailed out for 2005 is now 26.

(b) Notice a couple new "related links" on the right column. Thanks to those sites for exchanging links with this one!

On to the original matter, here is a look at the Big East football autographs I have collected over the years, all on 3"x5" index cards:

Dave Ragone (QB, Louisville), Larry Fitzgerald (WR, Pittsburgh), Brandon Miree (RB, Pittsburgh), Kay Jay Harris (RB, West Virginia), J.R. Russell (WR, Louisville), Eric Shelton (RB, Louisville), Gino Guidugli (QB, Cincinnati), Chris Henry (WR, West Virginia), Walter Reyes (RB, Syracuse).