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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Analyzing the Letter

As promised with the last post, I'm going to take a few minutes to talk about the short-but-sweet, hand-written letter I previewed last time. Each part is very short but has a special effect on the whole package.

First of all, I always like to address the player as "Mr." because it makes them feel respected, and after all, I must respect them as a player if I take the time to request an autograph. But more important than that, it is crucial that the player's name be spelled correctly. Spelling a player's name incorrectly is about the most disrespectful way you can start a letter.

Secondly, take a sentence or so to introduce yourself. Tell where you're from, what sports you're a fan of, how long you've been collecting autographs, a few of the autographs you have in your collection, something like that. Let the player know who you are.

Third, let the player know that you would like his autograph. This may seem unnecessary, but make your request clear; after all, that's the whole reason you wrote the letter. Make your request polite and state any particular instructions necessary (i.e. what you want signed, return envelope enclosed, etc.).

Fourth, tell the player why you want his autograph. Brag on him a bit. Tell the player you enjoy watching him play. Another thing that's great to include here is something that makes the letter more personal. Mention a particularly great game they had last year, a record they broke, a big bowl win, something that will make him smile as he reads the letter.

Finally, thank the player for his time and sign the letter. Most college athletes are extremely busy when it comes to school, practice, games, and various other things. Let the player know you appreciate him doing this.

You can follow all of these steps in about a half-dozen sentences and write a quality, personal, and successful letter in the process.