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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Early CFB Send-To List: Part I

I am beginning to compile a list of college football players that I plan to contact for autograph requests this fall. I mainly focus on the best skill position players on offense (QB, RB, WR, TE) and then I'll throw in the best of the best on defense, regardless of position.

This is really the first portion of the entire process. Once I feel I've got a fairly complete list of players, I'll begin designing the index cards and hand-writing the letters. I do those two tasks simultaneously, as both tend to be a bit boring at times so I often need a change of pace. I plan to send out the requests around the first of July because that is around the time that most colleges' second summer semester begins, and nearly the entire team is on campus by then. I feel that's a good time to catch the players when they are at school yet not as busy as they are once August (and two-a-days) and then school and the season get here.

I'll be listing these in alphabetical order, though sorted by the players' first names. If you feel I've left someone out, please contact me using the link at the top of the right-hand column, and I'll certainly consider adding your suggestion(s) to the list.

PART I . . .
Adrian Peterson (RB, Oklahoma) ... Albert Young (RB, Iowa) ... Alley Broussard (RB, LSU) ... Antonio Pittman (RB, Ohio State) ... Arian Foster (RB, Tennessee) ... Brady Quinn (QB, Notre Dame) ... Brandon Cox (QB, Auburn) ... Brandon Siler (LB, Florida) ... Brian Brohm (QB, Louisville) ... Brian Johnson (QB, Utah) ... Brian Leonard (RB, Rutgers) ... Calvin Johnson (WR, Georgia Tech) ... Chad Henne (QB, Michigan) ... Chansi Stuckey (WR, Clemson ) ... Chris Leak (QB, Florida)