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Friday, May 05, 2006

The Early CFB Send-To List: Part II

Continuing with the theme established earlier this week, here is a glance at Part II of the list of players I've compiled to send autograph requests to this college football season. As a reminder, the list is organized alphabetically by the players' first name.

Part II . . .
Clark Harris (TE, Rutgers) ... Courtney Taylor (WR, Auburn) ... Drew Stanton (QB, Michigan State) ... Drew Tate (QB, Iowa) ... Drew Weatherford (QB, Florida State) ... Dwayne Jarrett (WR, Southern Cal) ... Garrett Wolfe (RB, Northern Illinois) ... Gary Russell (RB, Minnesota) ... Greg Olsen (TE, Miami) ... Jamaal Charles (RB, Texas) ... JaMarcus Russell (QB, LSU) ... James Davis (RB, Clemson) ... Jason Berryman (DE, Iowa State) ... Jason Hill (WR, Washington State) ... Jeff Samardzija (WR, Notre Dame)