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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Another success!

I received my 9th success of the season in the mailbox today, this one from Robert Merrill, the RB from TCU. Unlike the previous 8 I had received, Merrill returned only one of the two index cards. No response for the exlucsion of the second was provided, though I am somewhat surprised to receive any response at all from TCU. Last summer, I attempted to collect Merrill's autograph and received a handwritten note from the TCU athletic department stating that they would not allow their athletes to sign autographs through the mail due to the problem of those autographs showing up on E-Bay. I'm not sure if this request slipped through the cracks or if the school has changed its policy.

Below is another look at the success scorecard, and I've included a new category today: price per success. It cost me about $100 to send out my 103 requests, so I'm dividing the number of successes into 100 to determine how much each autograph I've received cost me. Obviously this figure will continue to drop as I received new successes in the mail. I would love for it to fall below $4.

2006 STATS
SENT: 103
% RECEIVED: 8.7%
AVG # OF DAYS: 9.8