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Monday, July 17, 2006

Four more successes!

Four new successes came in the mail Monday, along with a pair of requests returned because the USPS could not deliver them.

I received autographs from Northern Illinois RB Garrett Wolfe, Clemson WR Chansi Stuckey, NC State RB Andre Brown, and Oregon State QB Matt Moore. Stuckey's request took 12 days, Brown's and Wolfe's both 11 days, and Moore's just 10. All four requests were sent to the players via their team's athletic department.

I had sent requests to Texas RB Jamaal Charles and Purdue WR Dorien Bryant by way of their home addresses, as listed on their respective school's website. However, it appears both players have moved out of those locations, and a forwarding address was not provided for either. Therefore, I'm going to re-send these two requests on Tuesday, this time directing them to the athletic departments at those two schools.

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