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Friday, May 19, 2006

The Early CFB Send-To List: Part III

This fell to the back burner for a couple weeks, but here is a continuing look at the list of NCAA football players whom I plan on contacting for autograph requests this fall. As a reminder, this list is organized by way of the player's first name.

Part III . . .
Joe Ayoob (QB, California) ... John David Booty (QB, Southern Cal) ... Ken Darby (RB, Alabama) ... Kenny Irons (RB, Auburn) ... LaRon Landry (DB, LSU) ... Lorenzo Booker (RB, Florida State) ... Lynell Hamilton (RB, San Diego State) ... Mark Sanchez (QB, Southern Cal) ... Marshawn Lynch (RB, California) ... Matt Moore (QB, Oregon State) ... Michael Griffin (DB, Texas) ... Pat White (QB, West Virginia) ... Paul Posluszny (LB, Penn State) ... Quinn Sypniewski (TE, Colorado) ... Rudy Carpenter (QB, Arizona State)