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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Two more successes...and a couple re-sends!

The success total came to 11 today, as I received autographs from Louisville WR Mario Urrutia and Mississippi LB Patrick Willis. The former took just 10 days, while the latter took 13. Both players returned both index cards that I sent.

I also received a couple of returned requests from Michigan players Steve Breaston and Mike Hart. As with the other two that were returned due to an incorrect address, both were sent to the players' home address. That experiment appears to be failing. I had originally sent 11 requests to home addresses, four of which have now been returned because of incorrect addresses. None of the other seven have been successes as of today.

2006 STATS
SENT: 103
% RECEIVED: 10.7%
AVG # OF DAYS: 10.1