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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Test Mode: A New Strategy

There are a few schools I've had basically no success with in the past. Most of the time I just hear no response, and occassionally they'll send my cards back saying they can't fulfill my request.

So in today's internet age, it hit me that most large universities post student directories online, providing users with info like e-mail address, phone numbers, and in some cases, home addresses. I figured this would be a great way to attempt to contact players at a few schools with whom I've had little success with in the past.

There are around 90 players on my list right now, and as of now, I've only listed 8 players (less than 10%) who I plan to contact via their home address. Those are listed below:

Michael Griffin (Texas), Pat White (West Virginia), Paul Posluszny (Penn State), Steve Breaston (Michigan), Ted Ginn Jr. (Ohio State), Troy Smith (Ohio State), Quentin Moses (Georgia), Yvenson Bernard (Oregon State)

I've had very, very little success with Texas, Michigan, Ohio State, and Georgia in the past, which explains the reason why I've chosen to contact those players in that manner. The others were more or less chosen at random; I may or may not have experienced success with those schools over the past few years. FYI, another school with whom I've had basically no success with is Miami. I don't believe I've ever received any type of response from UM; perhaps they just throw it in the trash.

In any case, I plan to track these select few requests very closely this summer and will be sure to report my success rate on these specific trial cases.