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Sunday, June 04, 2006

The (Updated, Again) Expense Report

It's getting closer and closer to the time when I'll be sending out the 2006 college football autograph requests, and with that in mind, I went ahead and purchased the necessary stamps - plus a few extra - just yesterday. With 90 athletes currently on the send-to list and probably a few extra to be added before I ship them out, I went ahead and purchased two rolls of 100 stamps, as well as a pack of 20 additional stamps.

Now, you may ask, why 200+ stamps for just 100 requests? The reason is I'll be including a self-addressed stamped envelope with each request, so each actually requires two stamps instead of just one.

The USPS recently raised the price of a stamp to $0.39, meaning 220 go for exactly $85.80. Now that sounds like a lot, but as the chart below shows, the total expenses for this round of requests is still under $100.

Right before I actually send out the requests, I'll come back and add a few extra dollars for printer ink and a few other miscellaneous items, though that won't amount to a whole lot. For now, here's a run-down of the total expenses thus far:


Index Cards:$0.98