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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Time to Start Thinking Hoops?

It's never too early to start looking ahead at a prospect send-to list, so I've begun thinking a bit about the candidates for the 2006-2007 college basketball season. The problem is, many of the top players have declared for the upcoming NBA Draft, which is set for Wednesday, June 28 at 6:00 PM central on ESPN.

The good news is that many of these guys have yet to sign with an agent, which means if they aren't happy with where they're selected later this month, they can return to college. So with that thought in mind, I'm going to hold off for now on putting together a list of hoops stars I'm planning to contact.

Once the Draft gets closer and then passes, we'll have a better idea who will and won't be on campus this fall. Until then, though, if you've got any names you think should be on the list, contact me, and I'll be sure to consider them for my hoops list to be published later this summer.