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Monday, June 19, 2006

The CFB Send-To List: Even More Late Additions

I splurged on a couple of those always-intriguing college football preview magazines over the weekend, and in the process, I came across a small list of players whom I had overlooked on previous lists. They will be added, and those requests will be sent out at the same time as the rest.

That send-off date is rapidly approaching; I'm tentatively shooting for July 5th as the target date for sending out the first batch. Most schools' second summer session has started by then, so I feel most players will be back on campus at that time.

Dorien Bryant (WR, Purdue) ... Kyle Wright (QB, Miami) ... Steve Smith (WR, USC) ... Mike Hart (RB, Michigan) ... Todd Blythe (WR, Iowa State) ... Marcus Monk (WR, Arkansas) ... Erik Ainge (QB, Tennessee) ... Darrell Blackman (WR, NC State)