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Sunday, June 11, 2006

The College Hoops Send-To List: Part I

Well I mentioned last week that it might be time to start thinking about the college hoops guys to contact this fall, and with a little help from the readers, I've been able to do just that.

I've only come up with around 15 to 20 names thus far, mainly because (as I mentioned last week) the NBA Draft is still a few weeks away and many of the stars haven't officially made their intentions known. Once that passes, and we know who's headed where this fall, I'll be able to work on a more complete list.

As the Draft nears, I expect several players to one-by-one beginning pulling their names out of the hat, just as Nevada's Nick Fazekas did this past week, and as that happens, I'll be noting that fact and adding them to the list.

Here's a look at part I of what I've got for now:

Brandon Rush (Kansas), Corey Brewer (Florida), Curtis Sumpter (Villanova), Dominic James (Marquette), Eric Devendorf (Syracuse), Glen Davis (LSU), Greg Paulus (Duke), Jeff Adrien (Connecticut), Joakim Noah (Florida), Josh McRoberts (Duke), Julian Wright (Kansas), Mario Chalmers (Kansas)