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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The College Hoops Send-To List: Part II

The day I'll mail out the 2006 college football requests is inching ever closer, but in the mean time, it's never too early to continue planning ahead. For college hoops, that is.

I posted Part I of the roundball send-to list earlier this week and will follow that up with Part II today. As mentioned before, this list will expand greatly once a number of college hoops' biggest stars make their future decisions known in the coming weeks.

Part II
Ekene Ibekwe (Maryland), Jamont Gordon (Mississippi State), Nick Fazekas (Nevada), Reyshawn Terry (North Carolina), Reginald Delk (Mississippi State), Roy Hibbert (Georgetown), Ryan Appleby (Washington), Taurean Green (Florida), Tyler Hansbrough (North Carolina)