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Monday, August 28, 2006

Looking towards hoops...

It's been more than a week since I last received a football success, but I expect several more to trickle in throughout the weeks and months ahead.

For now, though, it's time to take a look towards the college hoops send-to list. I've checked out a couple sources listing the nation's top players for this upcoming season and so far come up with a list of about 30 players. Below are the first 20; I'll list the second portion in the next few days.

If you have suggestions, please contact me using the e-mail link on the right-hand column.

Hoops Send-To, #1-20: Tyler Hansbrough (North Carolina), Glen Davis (LSU), Joakim Noah (Florida), Alando Tucker (Wisconsin), Ronald Steele (Alabama), Arron Afflalo (UCLA), Aaron Gray (Pittsburgh), Curtis Sumpter (Villanova), Corey Brewer (Florida), Nick Fazekas (Nevada), Dominic James (Marquette), Richard Roby (Colorado), Al Thornton (Florida State), Cartier Martin (Kansas State), Jared Dudley (Boston College), Acie Law (Texas A&M), Marcus Williams (Arizona), Joseph Jones (Texas A&M), Rodney Stuckey (Eastern Washington), Chris Lofton (Tennessee)

Friday, August 18, 2006

And that makes 30!

Tennessee QB Eric Ainge returned my request in 39 days, marking the summer's 30th success thus far. Unlike most players have done, though, he signed just one of the two index cards I had sent. The other was also enclosed but not signed. I'm now just a single success from creeping over the 30% success rate for the year.

2006 STATS
SENT: 103
% RECEIVED: 29.1%
AVG # OF DAYS: 19.6

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Success #29!

Colorado State RB Kyle Bell became the 29th success of the summer when his autograph showed up in my mailbox this afternoon. He also sent along a brief, hand-written note thanking me for my support (left). He is the second player to send such a note within the past week. With the most recent success, which took 37 days, I've now dipped below the $3.50 per success mark, and I'm now within just a couple of successes of surpassing the 30% success rate on the season.

2006 STATS
SENT: 103
% RECEIVED: 28.2%
AVG # OF DAYS: 18.9

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another success!

Utah QB Brian Johnson is the latest to return my request. It took 41 days, but part of the reason for that delay was that the Utah athletic department required me to sign and return a form stating I would not sell the autographed items once I received them. I received that form on July 16 and then sent it back on July 18. They are the only school that has required me to do that this summer.

2006 STATS
SENT: 103
% RECEIVED: 27.2%
AVG # OF DAYS: 18.3

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Another success!

San Diego State RB Lynell Hamilton returned his autograph request today, marking the 27th success of the summer. His request, which was sent via the SDSU athletic department, was returned in 34 days, and in addition to enclosing both signed index cards, he also included a nice note as well (shown to the left). I've received similar letters in the past, but this was the first this summer. Probably the most notable hand-written letter I've ever received came from former Alabama and current NFL record-setting RB Shaun Alexander.

2006 STATS
SENT: 103
% RECEIVED: 26.2%
AVG # OF DAYS: 17.4

Monday, August 07, 2006

A pair of All-American successes!

Two additional successes arrived in the mailbox this afternoon, and both come from players ranked among the best in the country. Penn State LB Paul Posluszny was chosen First Team Preseason All-America by both Phil Steele and Athlon magazines, among others. He returned his request in 31 days. Arizona State TE Zach Miller was a Second Team Preseason All-America selection by both of those magazines as well, and he returned his request in 28 days.

The Posluszny request was sent via his home address, meaning I'm now 2 for 7 in requests sent in that manner. That makes the to-home method a few percentage points more successful so far this year compared to the to-school method (29% to 25%). Miller's request was sent via his school's athletic department.

It's also worth noting that with these two successes, I moved above the 25% success rate overall and below the $4 per success cost for the year.

2006 STATS
SENT: 103
% RECEIVED: 25.2%
AVG # OF DAYS: 16.8

Saturday, August 05, 2006

A pair of signal-caller successes!

I received two additional successes in the mail this morning, taking the season total to two dozen. A pair of QBs, Iowa's Drew Tate and Pittsburgh's Tyler Palko, returned their requests, the former in 26 days and the latter in 30. Both requests were sent via the player's athletic department. I'm now within two successes of reaching the 25% success rate, and by that point, I also will have dipped below $4 per success.

2006 STATS
SENT: 103
% RECEIVED: 23.3%
AVG # OF DAYS: 15.7

Friday, August 04, 2006

Another success, the first of its kind!

The 22nd success of this summer was a bit different than the others. Oregon State RB Yvenson Bernard returned the autograph in 28 days, but the most notable part of this success was that it was the first one returned that I had addressed to the player's home address. There are still six requests outstanding that were sent to the athlete's home, and four additional requests originally addressed that way were returned due to the wrong address. I have since re-addressed those four and sent them again by way of the player's university.

2006 STATS
SENT: 103
% RECEIVED: 21.4%
AVG # OF DAYS: 14.6

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

And another!

Texas DB Michael Griffin is the latest to return an autograph request, his taking a total of 26 days. Like the Miami request I received last week, it's interesting to note that this is one of the first - if not the first - success I've ever received from a player from the University of Texas. With the success, I've now moved over the 20% return rate and moved under the $5 per success cost.

2006 STATS
SENT: 103
% RECEIVED: 20.4%
AVG # OF DAYS: 14.0